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Live Yaupon Tree - 4 inch

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There's a special satisfaction in owning your own Yaupon tree. That's why we've decided to offer them to our customers. 

These little Yaupon are perfect in the landscape, and will thrive anywhere in the southeast USA. They are hardy to USDA zone 7, and will tolerate temperatures down to 10F for short time periods. It has been reported that these plants will also survive on the west coast of the USA in the proper conditions. This is a 1 gallon pot, and plants are approximately "6 tall and wide.

This is a Yaupon cultivar called "Schilling's Dwarf." Living up to its name, it will only grow to four feet tall, and about as wide. It will assume a nice rounded shape, and can be easily trimmed or shaped, (and you can use the trimmings to make your own yaupon tea!).  All Schillings Yaupon are male, meaning that they will not develop berries. They do have cheery flowers in the spring which attract a wide range of pollinators. 

Growing well in sun or light shade in soils from dry to wet, Schilling's dwarf holly withstands drought when established and is highly salt-tolerant, making it ideally suited to seaside plantings. It is a selection of the native yaupon holly, which grows naturally without irrigation on the dunes along the Atlantic Ocean. Growth rate is slow to moderate. Plant four to five feet apart for mass planting. Be sure to set plants several feet back from a walk, driveway or lawn area, because plants grow wider than tall and often require pruning to control their lateral growth. If you need to prune in this manner, be sure to leave the bottom of the plant much wider than the top so that lower foliage is left on the plant. If you attempt to shear vertically, the lower branches will be shaded and often lose foliage. This will give the shrub an unsightly, dark, leafless bottom.

- We make no guarantees and do not accept returns on live plants. We do our best to ensure that they arrive to you in good condition, but we cannot control all variables. We are not able to ship this product outside the contiguous USA. Please contact us with any issues!