Welcome to Yaupon Tea Experience.

Our Yaupon trees offer a beautiful reminder of our connection to nature and history. It's more than just a plant; it's a living testament to resilience and cultural heritage, and an opportunity to care for something truly special. With the Yaupon Tree Experience, we aim to honor and preserve this legacy, encouraging more people to grow and appreciate these magnificent trees in a new way.

Your Yaupon Tree Care Kit

Yaupon is a little tree with a big secret, and we're about to let you in on it. The magical leaf that Yaupon Brothers Teas are crafted from is North America's only native caffeinated plant, and its been revered for its delicious taste, uplifting health properties, and incredible history for over 8,000 years.

  • Detailed care instructions tailored for Yaupon trees
  • A watering schedule guide
  • A taste of some of our iconic blends (american green, fire roasted, peach)
  • Sticker collectibles
Our care guide is designed to make it easier for you to nurture your Yaupon tree, ensuring it thrives and becomes a fruitful addition to your garden.

Embrace the Journey:

Taking care of your Yaupon tree is more than just a gardening task—it's an experience of connection and appreciation. As you tend to your tree, you'll find a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the patience required to cultivate something meaningful. In return, your Yaupon tree will reward you with its leaves, which can be brewed into a delicious, rich tea enjoyed for its subtle, invigorating flavors. Over time you may even discover you can create your own blend! Your tree will also give you tiny but beautiful blossoms in early Spring.

Join us in celebrating the beauty and bounty of the Yaupon tree. Start your journey today, and savor the satisfaction that comes from nurturing life and enjoying the benefits yielded by your work.

Join the Yaupon Experience

We invite you to embark on this journey with us. Celebrate the beauty and heritage of the Yaupon tree, and experience the wonder in-or-outside your home. Start your Yaupon tree experience today and become part of a tradition that honors the past while looking forward to a sustainable future :)

  • Outdoor planting should only occur in USDA Hardiness Zone 7a and warmer. In colder climates, the tree should be moved indoors when the temperature drops below 25F.
  • The plant will do best in high light indoors, and will do well in full sun to partial shade outdoors.
  • Depending on the cultivar, Yaupon can reach 30 feet tall in some situations. Dwarf trees are smaller. Female trees may put on red berries in the fall and winter months. These berries are food for wildlife, but should not be consumed by humans.

Try your hand at growing your own yaupon at home!