This year marks 31 years since Ukraine declared independence from the U.S.S.R. \in 1991 and became an independent state. Since then, Ukrainians have celebrated Ukraine Independence Day on August 24, and it is the most popular, most celebrated, and most revered day in Ukraine.

In celebration of and in support of Ukraine Independence Day and the fight to keep and maintain independence, United Help Ukraine is proud to launch today a special, limited edition American Yaupon Tea for Ukraine (or American Yaupon Tea for Ukrainian Independence) - a partnership with Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co., which has developed an exclusive Yaupon holly tea for United Help Ukraine to support our organization’s needs.

Every purchase of American Yaupon for Ukraine helps

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$ 16.99

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Each tea canister is $20.00 with $10.00 benefiting United Help Ukraine directly to support our medical and humanitarian work on the ground in Ukraine, as well as the critically important non-lethal resources the Ukrainian defense needs to drive back the invading forces and protect innocent lives.

The exclusive Yaupon tea blend includes 100% American Yaupon holly leaves, vanilla, dried sunflower petals, and dried blue cornflower petals. The tea comes in loose leaf or in 12 individual natural fiber sachets.

American Yaupon Tea for Ukraine includes dried yellow sunflower petals (in honor of Ukraine’s national flower) and dried yellow calendula petals and blue cornflowers to represent the colors for the historic Ukrainian flag, which was once banned by the Soviet regime and became a symbol of the Ukrainian independence movement. Today the flag is a symbol yet again - this time as we fight to maintain our independence, our culture, our language, and our country.

Our goal today is to sell 3100 tins of tea in honor of 31 years of independence. Please consider purchasing this Yaupon tea for yourself or others as gifts. With holidays coming soon, this exclusive tea will make a wonderful holiday gift and will do good for the people of Ukraine.

We are pre-selling this exclusive tea today for $20 per tin. With your help, we will continue to get on-the-ground support to the people of Ukraine.