Earth Day- 50 Years On: How we doin?

Earth Day- 50 Years On: How we doin?

Earth Day began as a nationwide teach-in on April 22, 1970. It was the brainchild of Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson - a noted environmentalist. Fifty years later, where do we stand with the health of the planet as a life support system? Would Senator Nelson be pleased or disappointed? 

Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin

Undoubtedly, there are some things going down these days that wouldn't leave Senator Nelson tickled pink. We're still hopelessly addicted to fossil fuels, still compulsively consuming single-use plastics, and still depleting sensitive habitats around the globe. But, through the morass of Coronavirus, we see some interesting things occurring. The often smoggy skies over Los Angeles are clear enough to see snow atop the San Gabriel Mountains. The canals of Venice are running crystalline. The drastic reduction in human activity due to the global pandemic has shown us proof of something very important. That we can make it better. 

Here at Yaupon Brothers, we believe we can have a huge impact just by changing some decisions we make as consumers. After this is all over, and the world reopens for business, standing in line at the grocery store; you will have the power to improve the health of our planet. When shopping online, you can promote a cleaner earth just by clicking "buy now."

The reason is simple, some products are produced with sustainability in mind, and some are not. Some crops harm the planet through the application of noxious chemicals and inputs, and some can thrive without these harmful practices. Yaupon Holly is in the latter group. Native and evolved to prosper in the hot and unpredictable climate of Florida, Yaupon can withstand the environmental challenges that make other crops costly and environmentally damaging to grow. Indigenous peoples used Yaupon as a food and medicine for millennia. As the sole source of caffeine in most of North America, the Yaupon assumed an important position in the lives of native people, and its happening again with modern American consumers. 

Despite all the doom and gloom in the news, I truly believe that most people want to do right by our planet. They prove it every day by choosing to buy products that prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship. Best practices are important to American consumers, and so is sustainable sourcing, transparent processing operations and supply chains, and the expressed notion that we're all in this together. 

From all of us here at Yaupon Brothers, we wish you a happy and reflective 50th Earth Day. 



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