Revive Mint Eco-Tube Monthly Subscription

The newest addition to the permanent blends from Yaupon Brothers, Revive Mint is a cool, crisp, invigorating tea. 

Each eco-tube contains 16 natural fiber Yaupon tea sachets.

The Revive Mint was initially launched as a seasonal blend, but due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, we’ve decided to add it to our permanent blend options!

One of the unique things about Yaupon is that it is tannin-free, so it’s naturally sweet and impossible to over-steep... which means you can enjoy several cups from just one sachet! (Recommend 3 servings, just continue to add hot water) Naturally caffeinated and rich in antioxidants, perfect both hot and cold.

Out of respect for the ancient origins of Yaupon, we automatically donate 5% of every sale to NATIFS. To learn more about NATIFS, click HERE.

Shipping is included!

Brewing Instructions:

 BREW AT 212 F




Ingredients:whole-leaf Florida Yaupon and peppermint 

Certified Organic by QCS

Made in the USA

Fully compostable and recycle friendly!


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