Yaupon Wins: An Ethnobotanical Novella

The Hogtowne Cooters football team miraculously started to win after adopting an elaborate tea ceremony as a pre-game ritual. The tea is brewed from a local plant that was historically a favorite of Amerindians but little-known and seldom consumed in modern times. The ritual involves chanting in the long-dead language of the Timucuan and antics adopted from the famous Maori Hakas of New Zealand’s ‘All Black’ rugby team. The DEA investigating, developers of the famous ‘CrocJuice’ sports drink are interested, and coaches of the losing teams are protesting. Readers will find themselves caught up in the story of a team driven to victory by a native Yaupon elixir.


The author, Dr. Francis E. “Jack” Putz, is Distinguished Professor of Biology and Forestry at the University of Florida where he teaches/preaches ecology, botany, and conservation biology. He’s published hundreds of essays and scientific papers on tropical forests and forestry, fire ecology, biomechanics, ecosystem restoration, and ethnobotany. Cypress Highlands Press is proud to have published two other books by Professor Putz, a Collection of nature essays entitled “Finding Home in the Sandy Lands of the South” and a steamy jungle novel (under the nom de plume of Juan Camilo Moro) entitled “Borneo Dammed: A Very Family Affair.”


Proceeds from the sale of this book support the American Yaupon Association!