Fire Roasted Warrior's Yaupon Loose Leaf (1/2 oz)

Sometimes it's nice to keep things simple - with loose leaf tea.

Our Fire Roasted Warrior’s blend is hand roasted over an open flame to bring out a bold, lightly smoky flavor that will bring out your inner warrior to help you take on what’s in front of you. 

Inspired by the native Timucua people of Florida prepared Yaupon by roasting the leaves over an open flame. Our Fire-Roasted Warrior's blend is a historical tribute to the ancestral tribes of Florida, and their beautiful and complex traditions in preparing and consuming Yaupon, which they did for over 10,000 years.

To respect the origins of yaupon consumption, 5% of your purchase will automatically be donated to NATIFS through Daily Karma.  To learn more about NATIFS, click HERE.


Brewing Instructions:

 BREW AT 212 F




Ingredients: Fire roasted whole-leaf Yaupon Holly

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