Yaupon Research

Here's the Basic Rundown:

Caffeine & Other Stimulants: 

Yaupon contains three primary stimulants; caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. Yaupon's stimulants are methylxanthine alkaloids. Yaupon Brothers caffeine content is variable, but normally around 7000mg/kg when dry, which is about 200mg per ounce. Typically, a brewed cup of Yaupon contains around 60mg of caffeine, about 1/3 less than coffee. 


Yaupon contains several antioxidants, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, chlorogenic acid, rutin & luteolin. ORAC value of Yaupon is approximately 1000. Yaupon also contains Vitamins B1, B5, & B6. 

Other Benefits:

Unlike regular tea, (camellia sinensis), Yaupon contains little to no tannin. This means that Yaupon is far less bitter than other tea, and won't over-steep. Yaupon also contains no oxalates, which can lead to kidney stones in some people. Because Yaupon is not imported, it has a low carbon footprint. 

Yaupon Brothers Tea is unique among herbal beverages. Like its cousin, the Yerba Mate, Yaupon delivers impressive antioxidant properties and a ‘jitter-free’ caffeine quality, which is noticeably smoother and more ethereal than Arabica coffee or teas from the genus Camellia. What’s more impressive is that studies have shown Yaupon to have anti-inflammatory qualities which seem to have the capability to reduce cancer cells, especially in the Colon. In addition to caffeine, Yaupon contains other cordical stimulants such as theobromine. It’s antioxidant values, which have been assessed using the ORAC test, can rival any super-food from any part of the world. Lucky for you, Yaupon Tea is grown and packaged right here in the United States…An American native tea; who knew!

The native Ais and Timucua tribes of Florida used Yaupon in their most revered ceremonies. Mvskoke, Caddo, Catawban, and Choctaw cultures also used Yaupon as a food and medicine. Native Floridians would drink massive amounts of Yaupon in a single sitting, sometimes many gallons for each drinker. The natives would then purge themselves ritually, which they believed removed their anger and falsehoods, and purified body and mind. Regardless of what you may read, Yaupon does NOT have emetic properties, and the purgative effect was likely achieved through the addition of toxic native plants, such as Snakeroot, or was a desired effect. 

At Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co., we believe in business accountability. We are Yaupon drinkers, and we are selling our life’s work to you. We also believe that a Yaupon industry can thrive without causing harm to our environment; providing jobs, opportunities, and an alternative crop for farmers. Yaupon Brothers has an ongoing research partnership with the University of Florida/IFAS to promote Yaupon as an alternative crop for farmers in the American South. We also support non-profit organizations promoting conservation and social justice, such as the Florida Native Plant Society and NATIFS. We hope you'll become a life-long Yaupon drinker. It's the tea from here... American roots, a different leaf, a better tea.

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Yaupon Brothers is proud to maintain a research partnership with UF | IFAS, studying the commercial viability of Yaupon Holly as a native alternative crop for Florida Farmers.