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Yazoo Yaupon Exclusive Blends

Yazoo Yaupon, founded in Clarksdale, Mississippi, is the second Yaupon brand brought to you by the pioneers in Yaupon tea, Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co.

Why Mississippi, you may ask? Well, for thousands of years, the Mississippi Delta was home to numerous indigenous people who dried Yaupon leaves and brewed them into a spiritual and ceremonial beverage. By basing Yazoo Yaupon in Clarksdale, Mississippi - the heart and soul of the Mississippi Delta - we aim to make this Delta community a major hub for Yaupon farming and tea production. Along the way, we plan to create jobs and help elevate and revitalize the Mississippi Delta, which is considered the Cradle of American Culture. And we'll tell the story about the 100% American tea which has deep roots in the rich Delta soil.