Yazoo Yaupon Delta Brew - 12 Sachets

Yazoo Yaupon is a collaboration of Yaupon Brothers American Tea, Meraki Roasting, and the Delta Arts District. Delta Brew is deliciously dark-roasted Yaupon Holly, which is great hot or iced, and delivers a smooth and jitter-free energy boost. Yaupon is naturally low in tannin, so you use a sachet for multiple steeps. 

Yaupon has been consumed by indigenous people in the Mississippi Delta region for thousands of years, and Yazoo Yaupon is helping bring it back to the people!  Delta Arts District is elevating Mississippi products through rediscovery. 

12 unbleached natural fiber sachets.

Steep in boiling water for at least 5 minutes.

About Meraki Roasting: The Meraki Program is a career readiness and entrepreneurial program that looks to invest in these youth. The word “Meraki” (mer-ah’-key) is a Greek word meaning “to put soul, creativity, and part of yourself into your work.” Our message to our students is that work is not only a means to provide for yourself, it is also part of who you are created to be. Each student has been gifted with unique talents and abilities; those gifts can be used to make their community a better place and to help them feel more fulfilled in life. We encourage each student to discover their strengths and passions and pursue a career where they can use those to contribute to their communities.

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