Yazoo Yaupon Delta Peach - 16 Sachets

Delta Peach

Wow...you have arrived! Spring has sprung and the fragrance you just detected is a radiating heart of excitement, joy of delicious organic Yaupon with hints of Peach. American Yaupon is our only natural source of caffeine, theobromine, and anti-oxidants that filled our heritage for thousands of years. 

Thoughtfully blended with organic cinnamon and peach flavor for a tasty, zesty tea. It's a little taste of the south in your cup. This refreshing and uplifting tea is made ti celebrate the joy of spring, and the spirit of the Mississippi Delta.

When that joy needs some dancing...try the "Peach Pick"...just add vodka and ice with a slice of peach :) Feel like the first time you fell in love, again and again...

Steep sachet in hot water for 5 minutes, chill and serve over ice if desired.