Florida Native Tea


Yaupon Brothers has partnered with Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) to launch the latest "chari-TEA", Florida Native.

Two varieties are available:

Florida Native Mint: 12 natural fiber sachets for a slightly minty taste.  Ingredients: Wild-harvested Yaupon Holly and Browne's Savory (Clinopodium brownie) propagated by Green Isle Gardens. Browne's Savory is a species of mint that is native to Florida, and prefers growing in wet areas and remains low to the ground. 

Florida Native Tea: 12 natural fiber sachets with 100% Yaupon holly for a light bodied, crisp taste with grassy notes.  Ingredients: Wild-harvested Yaupon Holly grown in Volusia County, Florida. Yaupon Holly is native to North and Central Florida, and is commonly found in a wide range of growing conditions. Our Yaupon is certified organic by QCS. 

As part of our "chari-TEAs" line, $10 from every canister sold supports the FloridaNative Plant Society, whose mission is Preserving, Conserving and Restoring the Native Plants and Native Plant Communities of Florida.



Brewing Instructions:

 BREW AT 212 F.




Made in Florida, USA