Ilexir Yaupon Hydrosol

Introducing Ilexir...

A new beauty and personal care product line focused on the amazing properties of plants native to the American South. Our first product, Yaupon Hydrosol, is a game-changer. 

Ilexir Yaupon Hydrosol is steam-distilled with spring water and Yaupon leaves. Small batches ensure quality in every bottle. Yaupon Hydrosol contains the calming botanical aromatics of Linalool and Vanillin, and is about 2% caffeine - which tightens skin and minimizes pores. Yaupon Hydrosol can also calm skin irritations from insect bites, poison ivy, and other daily annoyances. Yaupon Hydrosol has a fresh floral aroma, and is 100% pure hydrosol - always made in America. 


Ingredients: 100% Yaupon hydrosol (Ilex vomitoria), 4 fluid ounces. 

Directions: Mist liberally on skin as needed. 


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